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Congratulations on finding the Choices Rehabs website.  It is designed to help you to find the treatment centres that best match your needs. Our members between them offer an excellent range of treatment options, and this website helps you to consider your specific needs, and then to find a treatment centre that meets them.

Unlike many websites you will find,  Choices Rehabs is not a referral agency.  You do not pay anything for using us to find your rehab.  There has been recent press interest in referral agencies and whether their practices are unethical.  You can see a statement of our position on referral agencies by clicking the News tab, above. 

We want to be completely transparent in supporting your search for a treatment centre.  That means, after browsing our website, you can then directly contact, ask questions of, and book with,  the Choices treatment centre or centres that suit your needs.  There is no third party or intermediary involved, and no payments other than directly to the treatment centre when you commence treatment.

Who we are

Choices Rehabs represents a number of independent UK addiction treatment centres.  Fron drug abuse to alcohol addiction, you can find a Choices Treatment Centre that meets all your needs.

We are not a referral agency - we publish this website to tell clients, both private and public, about the very best treatment, and the wide range of treatment options, that our members offer. The website then helps you to find a Choices rehab, for you to contact directly, that will suit your needs, and help you to start your journey of recovery.


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Our members are:       

ANA Treatment Centres * Bosence Farm * Broadway Lodge * Gloucester House * Hebron Trust * Kenward Trust * The Ley Community * Mount Carmel * Nelson Trust * Providence Projects * Sefton Park * Trevi House * Western Counselling * Yeldall Manor                  

Every Choices treatment centre is:

  • Affordable
  • A safe and supportive place in which to get well
  • Dedicated to abstinent recovery
  • With years, often decades, of successful operation, totalling more than 500 years across all members, and many thousands of client recoveries
  • Working with a public service, client centered ethic
  • Registered with and inspected by the Care Quality Commission and the with NDTMS - the National Drug Treatment Monitoring Service.

Most of our members are not-for-profit with charitable status. All members of Choices put client welfare above all else, and have signed the Choices Pledge of ethical conduct. 



Where we are

The map below shows the locations of Choices rehabs all across the South of England and Wales.

What to expect from rehab

Just a few weeks or months in residential rehab can profoundly change your life.

You will be able to put all your focus on your recovery, just as all those around you are doing. You will be welcomed, you will feel safe and supported, and you will not be judged,

You will find the staff and the other clients want success for you as much as you do yourself. You will take a hard look at yourself in a way you may never have done before. You will find out that you are not a bad person trying to get good - you are an ill person trying to get well.  You will make true and often lifelong friends among your peers, who will help you into your recovery, and in the years ahead.

You will learn new and better ways of living, to the benefit of your family, your friends, your employers, and yourself. And you need never drink or use again.  We can say that honestly and with confidence because, across the Choices rehabs, over their many years of successful operation, thousands of men and women have already done that.

Our prices

The prices charged by our members are probably lower, even much lower, than you would expect.  (Each member has their own price list.)

You may imagine that addiction treatment costs start at more than £10,000.  In fact, a month of treatment in most Choices Rehabs would cost a lot less than half of that.

But don't think you should take the lowest price you can find. The cost of rehab depends on a number factors – for example weekly rate, which differs between rehabs, how many weeks of treatment you need, which is different for everyone, ranging from 4 weeks to 6 months plus, and whether you need detox and/or medical support at the start. You will need to contact the rehabs you are considering to find out about prices.  Remember that with this Choices Rehabs site you can phone any (or all!) of the rehabs and ask any questions you like.

When you look at prices, remember that your family will be very supportive of your efforts to get clean and sober, and may help financially. There is also help available from the Drug and Alcohol teams of Local Authorities, who you can contact for support with your addictions, which sometimes includes payment for rehab. And finally on prices, if you look honestly at the money you would spend on your addictions over the next five years if you continue as you are, rehab looks relatively inexpensive. The question you should be asking is, can you afford not to go into rehab?

Find out more about the cost and choosing the right rehab centre

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The Choices Pledge

Every member of Choices subscribes to the following principles, values, and practices:

Principles & Values

  • To deliver a high standard of care
  • A commitment to achieve abstinent recovery for our clients
  • A commitment to work collaboratively with partners
  • A client centred approach
  • Publish and display own values
  • Does not engage in, and opposes the practice of, patient brokering – the exchange of money or any other inducements in return for client referrals.


  • Compliance with CQC
  • Compliance with NDTMS
  • To be ethical in business
  • To ensure ethical employment terms, including paying a Living Wage
  • Committed to continuous improvement
  • Provide a treatment loop for clients
  • Facilitate housing support
  • Support client education