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The great advantage of this Choices Rehabs website is that it points you to suitable treatment centres, centres that you can select for yourself, that you can deal with directly.  You do not need to contact Choices to find out prices, availability, or other details of a specific Choices rehab - you can call them or mail them directly: we list all their contact details. 

Unlike many other sites you will come across on the internet offering rehab advice, when you use Choices you are in total control of the process.

So we suggest that you make full use of the two tabs "Choosing a Rehab" and "Services" to help you to decide what sort of treatment centre you need.  Then use the "Rehab Centres Quick Links" drop-down at the top right of each pasge to more details on the rehabs of your choice.

However,  it may be that you have another query related to Choices Rehabs as a group, and you can use the email below to contact us.

Please tell us how you would like us to contact you. Phone or email, for a confidential phonecall back, or an email reply to your query.