Private clients

This website has been designed specifically to help you, as a private client, to find a UK treatment centre that fits your needs and your preferences.  Choices Rehabs offer a wide range of options, so between them you should be able to find what you are looking for.

We are not a referral agency.  We don't offer to take your details for you and then find a treatment centre on your behalf.  In fact we suggest that you are very careful if you consider using any services that do work that way.

We help you to check out the rehab options that suit you, with absolutely no commitment, and then you can contact the rehabs that meet your needs.  You pay nothing to Choices.  Everything is transparent and in your control.  You simply pay your rehab their standard charges when you begin treatment.  No upfront charges before treatment, and none to anyone but the rehab of your choice. 

And as we say on another page, all Choices Rehabs are:

  • Affordable
  • A safe and supportive place in which to get well
  • Dedicated to abstinent recovery
  • With years, often decades, of successful operation, totalling more than 500 years across all members
  • Working with a public service, client centered approach
  • Registered with and inspected by the Care Quality Commission
  • Most of our members are not-for-profit with charitable status
  • All members of Choices put client welfare above all else, and have signed the Choices Charter of Ethical Conduct.

We suggest that you use our site to consider all the points listed in the Choosing a Rehab section, and then look at the Rehab Centres Quick Links button on the home page to get further information. Finally, make a short list of the rehabs that suit you, look at their full websites, and then phone or email them with your questions.

But don't search endlessly for the perfect match to your list of wants.  Every one of the Choices treatment centres has an excellent record of getting people clean and sober.  Your best way forward is to make your phone calls and your decision fairly quickly, and then get on the road to recovery as soon as possible.  You will never regret it.