Public Commissioners

As a commissioner, or other person responsible for placing your clients in rehab, we are sure you will find dealing with any of our members easy, very cost effective, and very successful for your clients.  But you probably know many of the Choices members, and know that to be true.

What you may not know is the full range of services offered by these well known rehabs.  When you have a specific need - detox, female only, day client, 12 Step - the tables in this site under the Services tab will help you to quickly review all your options.  As you browse the tables, or use the Quick Links menu at the top of the screen, you may well find information that you were unaware of.

All the Choices members have worked extensively with a number of Local Authorities and other public funders, and continue to do so.  We understand your current financial pressures, and consider our charges to be very reasonable, and exceptional value for money.  We understand the information you need as you help your clients through their treatment journey, and we try to help by giving you the information you need, and fitting in with your working requirements.  We know you sometimes need to see your clients one to one during their treatment, and we are always happy to facilitate such a meeting.

We all have a very good track record of success with clients, as many Public Commissioners will agree.  But sometimes a client may need to leave treatment prematurely.  This is where our "Treatment Loop" can be utilised.  The Loop works when a client in rehab would ordinarily have to leave - either they are totally unsuited to the treatment environment, or perhaps they have broken one of the cardinal rules.  We can "loop" the client into another Choices treatment centre to which they are better suited.  This transfer is done seamlessly, by the two rehabs involved, with your full knowledge and consent, but without you managing the logistics.  The client has continuity of treatment, and our statistics show excellent outcomes for most clients who are looped.