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AB's Story - history of high risk drug use, but now manager of his work team

AB arrived at the Ley as a 38 year old man with a background of high-risk drug and alcohol use and with a long history of high tariff offending which resulted in multiple periods of incarceration totalling 12 years. AB also had two previous attempts at residential treatment and was referred to us direct from prison, as part of parole, after serving a three-year sentence for robbery.

During the early stages of the programme AB struggled to adapt to and fully engage in the programme due to a severe lack of trust for both staff and other residents. This manifested as anger and a reluctance to participate in all group therapeutic activities.

After repeated attempts to engage AB, the question was raised regarding his place with us and whether we should explore alternatives. The team decided that we would help assimilate AB by tailoring his care plan to include increased focus on one-to-one sessions with both staff and peers and smaller special focus groups that would enable AB to better understand his trust issue.

After a short while of this intensive support, AB started to open-up with his peers and explored the reasons for his lack of trust. This enabled him to fully engage and to participate in all group activities where he was seen by others as a valuable member of the community. This included taking on the role of ‘peer advisor’ helping junior peers to settle in, and giving talks at community events on behalf of the Ley Community, including a television interview for a local programme about his experiences. 

AB left the community after 14 months, including two months in voluntary work with a local landscaping business and four months in paid employment with a local construction company whilst residing at our on-site move-on unit with his fellow peers.

He has now maintained his abstinence for three-years, is manager of his work team, is studying part-time to become counsellor, volunteers at the Ley Community at the weekend, and is planning to get married in 2018. He has also re-established regular contact with his daughters.