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CD's Story - looking forward to resuming her degree studies

CD arrived at the Ley with a complex background of high risk alcohol use and behaviours and with a history of self-harm. 24 years old, she self-referred to the Ley, with support from her family.

Although CD was engaging well in group therapeutic activities it became clear early on that she struggled to engage in associated activities, specifically, exercise activities and our dedicated diet and nutrition workshops.   

This resistance was explored with her key-worker who supported CD to understand the primary reasons for the resistant. CD disclosed that she had a history of eating disorder founded on very poor self-image. This manifested as purging after meals and intense shame in environments where she felt most vulnerable, particularly where she engaged in any physical activities with others.

A full risk assessment was carried out post disclosure that included input from all parties that had been involved in CD’s care. As a result, the care-plan was adapted to include more tailored measures and dedicated support to help minimise the related risks, and to ensure that CD was getting what she needed. This included; dietary planning – the nutritionist drew-up an individualised menu with CD to minimise the risk of purging; specialist counselling – 12 week programme; regular health checks – delivered by our GP partner; and, peer support sessions - peers with similar issues shared their experiences and coping strategies.  

With the support put in place, CD felt confident enough over time to fully participate in all planned activities and was able to manage her compulsions to purge to the point where they stopped completely.

CD is now at stage 4 of the programme and preparing for employment by attending voluntary work at a local garden centre. She is also ‘house coordinator’ and has responsibility for helping to organise activities and to act as resident representative.

She is also planning to relocate to Oxford on completion and is looking forward to resuming her degree studies which were temporarily put on hold.