Bosence Farm - Boswyns Detox

Boswyns Detox, a part of Bosence Treatment Services, is a 16 bed, short stay service for anyone aged 18 or over who requires a drug or alcohol detoxification in Cornwall, or whose drug use is out of control and needs a period of stabilisation. We offer high standard facilities within a stunning setting in rural west Cornwall.

We provide medically-managed detoxification and stabilisation within an inpatient setting by our multi-disciplinary team, overseen by our Specialist Medical Officer.

We work in an eclectic fashion and do not align with any specific ideology but work with each service users’ needs.

A range of non-medical interventions are available such as complementary therapies, life skills training, educational workshops and social activities.

All Service Users are fully prepared for wherever they are moving to next whether that be rehabilitation, structured day care or a return to the community.

We are not a direct access service, and as such all service users need to submit an application for Boswyns Detox.


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Bosence Farm - Boswyns Detox details

Detox?: Yes - Detox
12 Step: * Please see info in notes below
Eclectic: Yes - Eclectic
Gender mixed: Yes - Mixed
*Notes: Bosence Detox provides medically-managed detoxification and stabilisation for people with severe drug and alcohol dependency. Flexible lengths of stay based on assessed need and progress – optimum treatment length is 4 weeks but stays can last up to 6 weeks. Bosence Detox works in an eclectic fashion and does not align with any specific ideology but prefers to work with the service users’ needs.

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