Success Stories

"I found your website a very welcome tonic having recently been turned away by our family GP who offered no information or hope that an alcoholic/addict (let alone members of the family) could be helped, and informed me there weren't any rehab centres he could suggest."   Mrs J, Berkshire

There are probably two reasons why you are looking at our website and considering treatment.  First, the push of the awful consequences of addiction that are progressively ruining your life or that of a close friend or relative, consequences that you know will end very badly.  And second, the pull of a very much better future for all concerned if the addict or alcoholic can get clean and sober.

To show you how others take the life-changing journey into recovery, and the very positive benefits that success has brought, each of our members shows some success stories on their specific page, which you can find in the Rehab Centres Quick Links at the top right of this screen.

There are thousands of personal success stories – truly thousands - that could be told across Choices Rehabs, with each person putting their own words to their recovery, such as:

  • Thanks for having faith in me. You have shown me a side to myself I never knew I had. The only way is onward and upward. Here's to the rest of my life free of drugs. What price that!

  • I’ve been given a life I only dreamt of. There’s a lot of love in it, friends and family, and I feel blessed every day.

  • They loved me until I could love myself.  That’s something I had never been able to do. Every day I get stronger.

  • I have a future now that’s full of excitement and a new journey has begun for me and my son.

  • I can honestly say I have never known anything like this place. The staff are so good at their jobs that I have never looked back since I left.

You will find powerful motivation in these stories, stories from men and women like you who were helpless and hopeless, and have now had such positive experiences of recovery.  When you read them you begin to understand the prize awaiting you.  So, look at the success stories on the pages of the rehabs of your choice, and make a promise to yourself that you will become one of those successes.  In each case, the decision to enter treatment turned their lives around.  You could make that same decision now!